Friday, January 27, 2012

Mail Mogging Outfit: "The Steampunk Hunter"

Image Source: Drunkard's Regalia 

Today's mail outfit look is entitled "The Steampunk Hunter" and comes to us from Dreamy of the Drunkard's Regalia blog. I first saw this outfit linked on twitter and fell in love with it. Luckily my request for a loot list was met by Dreamy posting the item list in their blog post "Transmog: The Steam Punk Hunter".

With Dreamy's permission I've included the complete Steampunk mogging item list after the jump.

Head - Truesight Ice Blinders  (engineering only)
Shoulders - Sparkleshell Shoulder Pads
Chest - Mail Combat Armor
Pants- Mighty Chain Pants (sold by an NPC)
Feet- Myrmidon's Greaves
Hands- Imbued Infantry Gauntlets
Polearm- Grizzly Glaive
Cloak- Sandstorm Cloak
Belt- Telaari Hunting Girdle

Thanks again to Dreamy. I love steampunk and this set definitely has a "brass and goggles" feel to it. This just might inspire me to try to create my own steampunk outfit at some point.

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