Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mixed Mogging Outfit - "The Golden Lioness"

Today's outfit is entitled "Golden Lioness" and was created by my wife April. It has a very strong "For the Alliance" feel to it with it's blue and gold coloration. One thing to note is that this is a mixed mail/plate set (due to April leveling her Holy Paladin with mail heirloom chest and shoulders). This means this set won't be possible for a full-plate level 85 character. Still, I wanted to include it due to it's awesome look.

Head past the jump for a full mogging item list.

Shoulders: Crusader's Pauldrons - Mail
Chest: Golden Scale Cuirass - Mail
Hands: Talonguard Gloves - Plate
Waste: Ravenguard's Baldric - Plate
Legs: Templar Legplates - Plate
Feet: Sapphiron's Scale Boots - Plate
1H Mace: Hand of Righteousness
Shield: Commander's Crest

Complete set Wowhead item comparison link.(Click the small arrow in the top left of the column and select "View in 3D" to view the set on your sex/race.)

Here is April's paladin wearing the outfit. I love the way all the colors blend together. Making a set that transitions from one strong color to another is quite a challenge.

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