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Great Looking Uncommon Plate Sets

This is the second in our series based on Wowhead News' fantastic transmogrification post with numerous links to matching uncommon (AKA "green") items. (See "Transmogrification, Part 4: Matching Greens" at Wowhead News) I was fascinated at the variety and quality of some of these sets that we may have passed over in the past as we leveled past them.

Follow us past the jump we're going to be highlighting some of the most interesting and unique looks among uncommon plate item sets in World of Warcraft.

All the items in this post are uncommon (AKA "green" quality) which means nearly all of them are drops from MOBs which are Bind on Equip and can often be found for sale on the auction house. If you don't find all the pieces needed keep checking back. You never know when they may pop up.

(NOTE: The links in this post lead to a Wowhead comparison of the items. To view the set in 3D select the left drop down arrow in the comparison box and select "View in 3D".)

View in 3D in the Wowhead comparison menu.


Overlord's Set - Plate (Click to Enlarge)

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more iconic "plate" set (as in this is what people think of when you sat plate armor) than this his level 43-47 set. The hammered and polished multi-plate armor held on over chain mail with brown leather straps screams "I'm a knight in shining armor". If your toon wishes they lived in Camelot than this is the set for you.


Glorious Set - Plate (Click to Enlarge)

This level 50-56 set follows Blizzard's oft-used philosophy that (at least in the case of the women of Azeroth) less is more. This is golden and bronze set includes little more than a plate bikini and leg plates for women. For men Blizzard is kind enough to include not only a full breastplate but also a pair of leather shorts to help cover their shame. A very interesting set for either sex. (For a similar green/gold variation see the Lofty set. For blue/copper (along with an interesting feathered headpiece) see Vanguard.)


Exalted Set - Plate (Click to Enlarge)

This level 54-60 set has a great contrasting black and bronze coloring. The detailing is very angular yet organic. It almost has a skeletal feeling to it. The midriff chestpiece is flattering on women. Very few sets seem as well thought out and coordinated as this one. (For a bluish/green variation see the Warleader's set.)

Boulderfist Set - Plate (Click to Enlarge)

This level 65 set makes me think of Orc and The Burning Crusade. It has a very nice black and red motif with some very impressive yet somehow understated shoulders (at least as far as size). The chest and legs have a very "gladiator" feel to them and on women show a bit (but not too much) skin. If your character pines for the days of TBC and Hellfire Peninsula you've found your set. (For a similar look with copper/red see the Bloodfist set. For red/blue try Warmaul.)


Magnataur Set - Plate (Click to Enlarge)

While I wasn't a huge fan of the green armor in Wratch of the Lich king this level 75 set (and it's visual twin the Revenant set) have just the right color and detail combination to set it apart. I especially love the look of the shoudlers. To me this set has always seemed to have a strong Ulduar feel to it. It feels rugged and well used. The blue highlights really set off the muted iron feel of the set. I alwaysa thought this was a very attractive set for a tank. Indeed the set seems as if it could have been pieced together of armor pieces from an actual tank. (For a brown/bronze variant see the Necropolis and Frostpaw sets. Green/iron see Kraken. Gunmetal/copper see Golem.)


Stormforged Set - Plate (Click to Enlarge)

This crafted level 80-83 set is by far my favorite uncommon set introduced in Cataclysm. I love the true gladiator feeling this set has. I can almost smell the dirt of the arena floor and hear the roar of the crowd when I see this set. The burnished silver and gold detailing sets of the extremely highly detailed set. Plates, straps, buckles, leather, chain mail? This set has it all. In one of the rare exceptions to the rule this chest actually shows more in the male version than the female. The gladiator harness looks incredible on a male character particularly the larger-chested races such as the orcs and draenei. This is the transmorgrification set I am going to be using for my paladin's retribution gear. (In one of the worst cases of re-use we've seen if you want a green/silver variation on this set pick anything from the Ravencrast, Direforge, Crystalvein, Fargodeep, Steelgrill or Stonewrought set. For a somewhat similar set in red/black see the Redsteel set.)


There are some really fantastic looking uncommon plate sets out there. Things get a bit thin after Vanilla but finish strong in Cataclysm with the Stormforged set. It's amazing to compare the level of detail of Cataclysm compared to Vanilla. That said Vanilla still hold it own. If the Stormforged set is anything to go by I think we should have some great sets to look forward to in the next expansion.

Is there an uncommon plate set that you are fond of that we missed? We'd love to hear about it in the comments. Also we're always accepting screenshots+item list submissions via email (

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