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Great Looking Uncommon Leather Sets

Wowhead News continued their fantastic transmogrification series with a post with numerous links to matching uncommon (AKA "green") items. (See "Transmogrification, Part 4: Matching Greens" at Wowhead News) I was fascinated at the variety and quality of some of these sets that we may have passed over in the past due to their low stats.

Follow us past the jump we're going to be highlighting some of the most interesting and unique looks among leather uncommon item sets in World of Warcraft.

All the items in this post are uncommon (AKA "green" quality) which means nearly all of them are drops from MOBs which are Bind on Equip and can often be found for sale on the auction house. If you don't find all the pieces needed keep checking back. You never know when they may pop up.

(NOTE: The links in this post lead to a Wowhead comparison of the items. To view the set in 3D select the left drop down arrow in the comparison box and select "View in 3D".)

View in 3D in the Wowhead comparison menu.

Ceremonial Leather

Ceremonial Leather Set - Leather (Click to Enlarge)

This level 10-13 set has a fantastic tribal loin cloth look to it. It has lots of teeth/claws detailing it along with brown leather straps and a black fur loin cloth. If you fancy your toon the savage type you could do a lot worse than this set.


Bard's Set - Leather (Click to Enlarge)

While this level 10-14 set may be named after a bard is has much more in common with a tinker or machinist. It has a white undershirt with very distinct red suspenders and red high boots and gloves. If your toon would rather spend their days in a garage working on a steam tank then out in the woods slaying beasts this set may be the set for them. (For a black variation see the Bandit set. For blue see Clefthoof.)


Scouting Set - Leather (Click to Enlarge)

This level 15-20 set has always been one of my favorites and may have been the first set I ever collected simply for the looks of it. My bank alt wore this set for a long time. If you are a rogue looking for the ultimate ninja-type outfit this is the set for you. Done in a simple black leather with stitching and a few well-placed buckles this set is refined and understated. Perfect for a class who would rather remain unseen. (For a brown variation see the Superior set. For mustard see Robust. For maroon see Scaled.)

Bristlebark Set - Leather (Click to Enlarge)

While I've always thought this level 16-23 set looked great as a low level hunter set I could also see it working well for a druid of any level. It consists entirely of stitched-together patches of multi-colored leather and fur fringe. This set has a very rugged outdoors/survivalist feel to it. The detailing on this set is very impressive. (For a green variation see the Wrangler's set. For white see Ghostwalker. For light gray see Boneshredder.)


Bonechewer Set - Leather (Click to Enlarge)

This level 57 set seems perfect for any Blood Elf rogues (or anyone who wants to look like a Blood Elf) to show their racial price. This set has a clearly Blood Elf motif with lots of gold trim along contrasting muted brows and maroons. The shoulders seem a bit bright for the set though. A very unique looking set compared to the majority of uncommon leather sets.


There are some really fantastic looking uncommon leather sets out there. Unfortunately good looking leather sets get harder and harder to come by as the expansions go on. All except the Bonechewer (TBC) come from "Vanilla" World of Warcraft. Perhaps I'm a bit more partial to well thought out sets but as the expansions went along the interestingness of the sets along with the number of different leather sets dropped dramatically.

Is there an uncommon leather set that you are fond of that we missed? We'd love to hear about it in the comments. Also we're always accepting screenshots+item list submissions via email (

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