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Great Looking Uncommon Mail Sets

This is the third in our series (see our previous leather and plate posts) based on Wowhead News' fantastic transmogrification post with numerous links to matching uncommon (AKA "green") items. (See "Transmogrification, Part 4: Matching Greens" at Wowhead News) I was fascinated at the variety and quality of some of these sets that we may have passed over in the past as we leveled past them.

Follow us past the jump we're going to be highlighting some of the most interesting and unique looks among uncommon mail item sets in World of Warcraft.

All the items in this post are uncommon (AKA "green" quality) which means nearly all of them are drops from MOBs which are Bind on Equip and can often be found for sale on the auction house. If you don't find all the pieces needed keep checking back. You never know when they may pop up.

(NOTE: The links in this post lead to a Wowhead comparison of the items. To view the set in 3D select the left drop down arrow in the comparison box and select "View in 3D".)

View in 3D in the Wowhead comparison menu.


Veteran Set - Mail  (Click to Enlarge)

This level 10-11 set may only have three pieces but those pieces are highly detailed and very attractive. Beautiful brown leather is set off by brass riveting and a bronze chain mail underlay. This set has a very nice mail and leather aesthetic and fits into what I consider to be a classic hunter look. (For a green variation see the Soldier's set. For blue Nexus-Strider)


Hulking Set - Mail  (Click to Enlarge)

This level 15-23 set is quite intriguing. It is composed of small gunmetal plates held together by grey leather straps with bright silver rivets and rings. The belt is quite striking with a multi-ring design. This set not only looks badass but emanates power. Great for a enhancement shaman set. (For a red/dark copper variation see the Slayer's set. For green Thick Scale.)


Knight's Set - Mail  (Click to Enlarge)

While this level 29-34 set mail look much more like plate than mail that is the exact reason I've included it. Besides being a great looking set which includes polished iron plating with finely detailed leather straps it could be a great rouse. If you are trying to transmogrify to the give the look of the wrong armor type (ie. a mail wearing enhancement shaman appearing to be a plate wearing fury warrior) this is a great set to look into. Up until level 40 warriors and paladins wear mail which might explain the look of this set. Regardless it is a great looking set if you want to break out of the mail aesthetic.

Gryphon Mail Set - Mail  (Click to Enlarge)

What can yous say about this level 40-46 other than feathers, feathers and more feathers. The amount of detail that this set has is incredible especially in the shoulders and head. With brown feathers pluming everywhere along with contrasting purple edging and green inset details this set would look great on and caster shaman. It gives the feeling of being in touch with nature and the elements. Not only that but it is one of the most unique looks you'll find in any armor type. My only against this set is I wish the legs matched a bit better color-wise.


Talhide Set - Mail  (Click to Enlarge)

Like the Knight's set above his level 69 set (and its visual twin the Netherstorm set) fall into to category of mail that doesn't look like mail at all. This set appears to be is a plain (albeit well put together) brown leather set. It includes an attractive yet understated brown leather vest with gold detailing as well as simple multi-tone brown leather boots and gloves. The appeal of a set like this is either to roleplay or specifically look like another class (such as a rogue). While hunters would have a pretty hard time pulling it off a rogue-rouse (don't mind the gun in my hand while I shoot you in the face) a shaman might be able to pull it off. Additionally if you are just wanting to break away from the mail look this set might fit the bill.


I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in what the uncommon mail sets had to offer the two classes who wear it almost exclusively: shaman and hunters. While the majority of the Vanilla sets (and there were a lot of them) give some impression of mail it tended to lean towards the "warrior wearing mail" side of things. Many of the sets looked like plate armor. Not enough attention was paid to making them more animal-like or elemental.

Once we got into Wratch of the Lich King and Cataclysm the sets just got bland and re-used over and over again with little variation. (Not Blizzard's finest moment in armor design.) If you've leveled a hunter or shaman through WotLK you know the pain. All and all there were a few pleasant surprises (like the Gryphon Mail set) and a few fun sets for cross-armor looks. My advice to Blizzard would be make the next expansions mail sets reflect the classes that will be wearing them: hunters and shaman.

Is there an uncommon mail set that you are fond of that we missed? We'd love to hear about it in the comments. Also we're always accepting screenshots+item list submissions via email (

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