Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cloth Mogging Outfit: "Green! Glorious Green!"

Today's look comes from a little unassuming gnome I spotted around the auction house. I call this outfit "Green! Glorious Green!" and it is, well, green. Really green. Bright green and I love it. A lot of effort and though went into this lemon-lime explosion.

Head past the jump for a full mogging item list.
Head: Green Lens
Shoulders: Pads of the Venom Spider
Chest: Hibernal Robe
Hands: Eldr'naan Gloves
Feet: Ringo's Blizzard Boots
Staff: Vengeance Staff

Wowhead item comparison link for this outfit. (Click the small arrow in the top left of the column and select "View in 3D" to view the set on your sex/race.)

Here is the original creator. I love the green gnome hair that matches the outfit!

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  1. I have this chestpiece on Faid, I've always liked it. Too bad it's cloth so I can't mog it legitimately. :(