Friday, February 10, 2012

Druid Mogging Outfit - "Shut Yo' Mouth!"

I ran across this druid sporting a very unconventional mogging outfit. I call this one the "Shut Yo' Mouth!". Who says plate-wearers get to show all the skin! Head past the jump for a full transmog loot list.

Head: Stylin' Purple Hat
Shoulders: Ironfeather Shoulders
Chest: Cutthroat's Vest
Hands: Mosshide Gloves
Waist: Wanderer's Belt
Legs: Warbear Woolies
Feet: Boots of Fungoid Growth

Wowhead item comparison link for this outfit. (Click the small arrow in the top left of the column and select "View in 3D" to view the set on your sex/race.)

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